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Personal WaterCraft Insurance

We offer customized coverage designed for personal watercraft like jet skis, waverunners and more. Learn about PWC insurance options from American Family.

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Personal Watercraft (PWC) Insurance for Your Jet Ski or WaveRunner

From Jet Skis, WaveRunner, Sea-Doos and more — we insure almost all PWC vessels. American Family Insurance offers customized coverage designed specifically for personal watercraft, so you can take on the water knowing you have great coverage to help protect you from the unexpected.

Do You Need Insurance for Jet Skis or Other Personal Watercraft?

Is PWC insurance required where you live? Although watercraft insurance requirements vary from one state to the next, we recommend PWC coverage for a number of key reasons. Firstly, if you’re found liable for an accident, you could responsible for paying thousands of dollars in damages to property and medical expenses without this coverage.

How Much Is Insurance on a Personal Watercraft?

Like other insurance quotes, your premium is based off of several factors. Of course, we’ll consider the value of your watercraft, its trailer and other upgrades you’ve made to them. And we’ll look at your credit rating, How much is jet ski insurance? Typically, the average PWC insurance policy starts around $100 annually. That’s a small price to pay for such important coverage.

What Does PWC Insurance Cover?*

Customize your personal watercraft insurance to fit your needs. Take a look at our coverage options below.

Medical payments coverage

Medical expense coverage protects you and others in your jet ski or watercraft. We’ll pay reasonable medical expenses incurred by you, members of your household or your guests for appropriate and necessary medical services resulting from a covered accidental injury that arises out of the ownership, maintenance or use of the insured watercraft and boating equipment.**

Personal effects coverage

We offer coverage up to $100,000 for personal effects, such as your eye glasses, clothing, cameras and portable electronics. This means if we can’t repair your damaged items, we’ll help cover the cost for new ones or a similar model. This added coverage is available for purchase.

Broad navigation

This covers your insured watercraft and boat equipment for losses that occur within the U.S. or Canada, or up to 100 nautical miles from the coast of either the U.S. or Canada.***

Roadside and on-water assistance

If you’re stranded on the water you might need a tow to get back to shore. This Emergency Roadside and on-water service is part of the physical damage portion of your PWC policy. It includes:

Costs to change or repair a flat or damaged tire on the trailer
Mechanical labor or other service up to one hour at the place of the breakdown
Towing by an authorized business to the nearest garage, marina, service station or other service point where necessary repairs can be made
Delivery of gas, oil or loaned battery

Fuel spill protection

If you’re legally responsible for a fuel or oil spill, this policy provides up to $10,000 per loss for fuel or oil spill cleanup resulting from an accidental oil or fuel spill. The limit for this coverage in any 12-month policy period is $20,000.

PWC limitations and exclusions

We don’t cover propeller-driven personal watercraft.

Connect with your American Family Insurance agent to get a personal watercraft quote — they’ll help you build a customized PWC policy fit for your adventures on the water.