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American Family Insurance and the Indianapolis Colts

Welcome, Colts fans! American Family Insurance is back at Lucas Oil Stadium and we’re ready to cheer on the Colts and build an even stronger community with all of you! Visit us here to learn more about our partnership, upcoming gameday experiences, content, sweepstakes, news and more. You can also come see us at American Family Insurance Touchdown Town outside Lucas Oil Stadium before all home games.

Colts Community Tuesday

As part of our Free to Dream initiative, check out how the Indianapolis Colts and American Family Insurance gave back to the community and made meaningful connections.

Rodney McLeod Jr., 26 | Safety: Today we're here at George Buck Elementary for our school uniform Blitz just being able to take a few kids around help them pick up some school uniform items it feels good just be able to have a conversation with a few kids brighten up their day.

Willie Clark Jr., Agent, American Family Insurance: To me the most important thing is always you know of course always giving back giving these kids opportunity to get nice uniforms nice where to go to school actually I'm an IPS kid originally so this always makes me feel really great to be able to get back because I was actually a part of this system at one point in time I couldn't imagine having to come to school worried about what the other person has on worrying if I'm fitting in to class period so I think that's just a great opportunity to have kids in nice gear nice uniforms that they can feel good about and feel great about and start their day off the right way.

Rodney McLeod Jr., 26 | Safety: Being able to help these kids and support these kids in a meaningful way is huge and understanding that we wouldn't be here without this community the community supports us as as players and we're pouring back into them in the same manner.

School Uniform Blitz 2022

Building on last year’s event, American Family and the Indianapolis Colts teamed up for a second annual “School Uniform Blitz” at George Buck Elementary School #94 to provide new school uniforms and other supplies to elementary students. Because with the right support, any dream these students have is possible!

Zaire Franklin, Linebacker | 44: We're here today giving uniforms and hygiene kits to kids and you know underserved community you know these kids go through so many things on a day-to-day basis so you know just to give these freshman uniforms you know they always say when you look good you feel good and it makes you have a better learning environment so whatever we can do to kind of help you know ease them into this school year would definitely be helpful.

It means so much to me you know I see these kids and it really reminds me so much of myself you know growing up in similar circumstances so anything I could always do to come help out and just concert that light on them when I was growing up to just meet or be around the NFL player would have changed my whole world you know so you know I just try to come make the kids laugh and smile and you know just give them some things that I know might help their life easier.

Charlie Arenson, American Family Insurance: I think the the importance cannot be overstated really it's amazing the impact it can have on kids just to see them and know that they are getting clothes that they don't have and just all kinds of items from the Colts and American Family it's amazing.

Zaire Franklin, Linebacker | 44: This is what we do you know every week you know we try to put our impact on a in the city of Indianapolis anywhere we can and you know this is just one step of many this year of just all the positive things we want to do to just help our community.

School Uniform Blitz 2021

American Family and the Indianapolis Colts teamed up on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, for a “School Uniform Blitz” at Eleanor Skillen Elementary School #34 to provide new school uniform packages for students.

Touchdown Town, Presented by American Family Insurance

Visit our activation space at Touchdown Town prior to all home games outside of Lucas Oil Stadium. Play games, sign up to receive Colts swag and more!
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Touchdown Town

Getting ready for Colts football at Touchdown Town.
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Feel the Beat

Catching the drumline at Touchdown Town.
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Fan Gear

We love when young super fans stop by to grab their fan gear like free Colts rally towels!
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Rock Out

Jamming out with American Family before Colts kickoff.
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Colts and American Family Insurance bring ‘School Uniform Blitz’ shopping experience to local school

The Indianapolis Colts and American Family Insurance kicked off the regular season and Colts Community Tuesday by taking more than 350 students from Eleanor Skillen Elementary School #34 on a “shopping experience” in the school gym. The students were able to pick out school clothing to help eliminate appropriate school attire as a barrier for kids getting to and staying in school.