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Inclusive Excellence

Our Pledge for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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At American Family Insurance, diversity, equity and inclusion are imperative to our mission of inspiring, protecting and restoring dreams.

Our customers, employees and communities can pursue what matters most in life when opportunities are equitable, diverse voices are heard, and individuals are valued for their unique backgrounds and perspectives.

We recognize the structural barriers in our society that keep people from achieving their dreams, and we’re driven to doing our part to break down these barriers. American Family is committed to tackling systemic problems that impede equity – because it’s good for our communities and good for business. We believe everyone deserves the freedom to dream fearlessly.

Our Journey

At American Family Insurance, diversity, equity and inclusion are critical to our mission of inspiring, protecting and restoring dreams. When we advocate for equitable opportunities and remove barriers for our customers, employees, agency owners and communities, we create a safe space for every individual to create a better tomorrow and dream fearlessly. With our unwavering commitment to inclusive excellence, we’re proud to share the progress made in 2020 with our very first publication of the Inclusive Excellence Annual Report — illustrating our commitment to diversity and inclusion, our journey navigating a pivotal and challenging time in modern history and the work we’re doing to empower and support individuals and communities that will change the world.

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Bill Westrate, CEO

"We’re committed to cultivating that inclusive environment we’ve talked about because we want everyone bringing their authentic selves to work. We know it’s best for our people, it's best for our customers and it's best for our communities."

Our Commitments

Our diversity and inclusion efforts are grounded in equity — though it's important to understand that equity is not the same as equal treatment. We believe fair treatment starts with giving people the proper systems, support, opportunities and access needed to achieve their professional success and advancement.

CEO Action Pledge for Diversity and Inclusion

In 2022, our new CEO & Enterprise President, reaffirmed our commitment by re-signing the CEO Action Pledge for Diversity and Inclusion.
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The Hispanic Promise

American Family is proud to be one of 150 companies committed to the Hispanic Promise, a national pledge to hire, promote, retain and celebrate Hispanic people in the workplace and the community.
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Jack Salzwedel, Executive Chair

“We want to help fix the structural cracks that have deepened recently. We can and will do more. The ideals of equity, diversity and inclusivity are embedded into American Family’s values, philanthropy and strategy.”

Cultivating a Diverse Workforce

We are committed to creating diverse teams of employees, leaders and agents that mirror the changing demographics of our country.

Inclusive Hiring

We work to ensure equitable sourcing, hiring, and onboarding practices while expanding our diversity recruiting partnerships.

Leadership Accountability

We coach our leaders with resources and real-time data and insights to empower equitable business practices. American Family’s Executive Inclusive Excellence Council brings forward strategic oversight to accelerate inclusive excellence progress throughout the company.

Development & Advancement

We invest in equitable employee development and advancement through programs, mentoring and sponsorships.
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Cesar Pinzon, Inclusive Excellence VP

“When a team is proximate and working together successfully, we learn more about each other's experiences, cultures, and values. That connection creates space to look deeper at our own background, heritage, and culture. We can build stronger connections and trust, which leads to authentic relationships and a greater sense of belonging. This connection, energy, and ability to work together make us stronger together.”

Creating an Inclusive Culture

We believe everyone deserves to bring their full selves to work, be treated equitably, feel a sense of belonging and thrive. Not only should everyone have a seat at the table — they must also have a voice.

Business Resource Groups

American Family’s BRGs promote inclusion in the workplace by bringing together networks of employees who share common interests, life experiences or backgrounds.

Inclusive Leadership & Advocacy

We believe in the power of education, and invest in cultivating cultural dexterity and encouraging advocacy and allyship through inclusive conversations.

Inclusion Index & Maturity Model

Our teams use a data-driven approach to set accountabilities and accelerate strategies that build diversity and inclusivity across the company.

Business Resource Groups at American Family

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American Family’s Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups based on shared characteristics, life experiences, interests or backgrounds. BRGs are vital to building an inclusive culture – providing a sense of community and offering opportunities for professional development and cultural awareness.

Our immersive cultural heritage celebrations provide learning opportunities that support employees in raising awareness, commemorating progress and uplifting the contributions of historically-marginalized groups.

American Family’s core groups include:

  • AAPI
  • Abilities
  • Black/African American
  • Caregiving
  • Hispanic/Latinx
  • LGBTQ+
  • Multicultural
  • Multigenerational
  • Veterans/Military
  • Women’s

Community and Social Impact

We are committed to addressing issues of equity and racial justice to create opportunity and improve the communities where we operate.
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Supplier Diversity

We believe in supporting the dreams of minority-owned businesses – and work to forge meaningful partnerships with diverse entrepreneurs through our Supplier Diversity Program.
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Charitable & Business Equity

From investments to volunteerism, American Family’s Dreams Foundation works towards lasting, societal change – improving education and health equity, fighting for economic empowerment and more.
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Environmental Equity

Climate change has a huge impact on equity. We are taking action through American Family’s Sustainability and Climate Action Strategy and our pursuit of a zero-waste future.

Partnerships for Change

Progress is possible when we work together. American Family is proud to partner with purpose-driven organizations in our fight for more equitable futures for all.
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Time, Inc.

We’re empowering the next generation through an experiential exhibit that brings the 1963 march on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech to virtual reality.

2022 Awards & Recognitions

As we work towards a more equitable, inclusive future for all, our progress affirms that our actions are the right thing to do for our communities - and good for business.