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Home Siding Replacement Coverage

Homeowners Insurance Add-on

  • Replace damaged siding*
  • Add matching undamaged siding coverage for a more seamless look*

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When does homeowners insurance cover siding replacement?

Standard homeowners insurance can help replace damaged siding up to your coverage limits. Learn more about which events do and don’t qualify for damaged siding replacements.
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How Siding Replacement Coverage Works

Standard home insurance helps replace damaged siding after a covered event. It can help provide a similar siding material replacement if your existing material is unavailable. But it can’t guarantee a seamless match.

Matching undamaged siding coverage is an optional policy add-on. It helps you avoid mismatched siding by replacing undamaged siding too. Learn more about how each coverage can help you.

Did you know?
According to the Insurance Information Institute’s 2020 data, 45.5% of home insurance losses were due to wind and hail. 23.8% were due to fire and lightning.**
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Wind and Hail

A storm blows off a few portions of your home’s siding. Our home insurance helps you replace the missing pieces. If your home's vinyl or metal siding isn't available, matching undamaged siding coverage can also help you replace undamaged sections.***
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Vandals spray paint a section of your metal siding. Your home policy can help you replace it. If you can't find the same material, matching undamaged siding coverage can help you replace the remaining sections.***
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You have a house fire that also impacts your home's vinyl siding. Your homeowners insurance can help you replace it. But if it's not available, matching undamaged siding coverage enables you to get new vinyl siding for the rest of your home too.***
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